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Skydive Stories and Testimonials

AFF student does an unstable exit on consols" A friend of mine recommended Phil when I expressed an interest in completing my AFF. I found Phil to be a highly competent instructor with a no nonsense, straight talking attitude. I couldn't recommend him enough. "

Dave Harris - shown practicing being unstable!

Hagen AFF Student" I had an amazing experience with Phil teaching me the AFF course, I wasn't too sure what to expect on my first jump, but after I landed it, I was hooked. So I proceeded to do the rest of my levels and they were all absolutely brilliant.

What ever people think, it is not an easy course to complete, you have to learn quickly and concentrate, but with Phil's tuition and instruction, it made it that little bit more fluent to me and extremely fun!

I recommend Phil at Air-Supply for any tuition, instruction or general advice on the sport.

Many thanks for such an awesome time! "

Hagen Friend - 23, Bristol
August 2016

Steve AFF Student" In 2012 while on holiday I did a tandem jump and decided I wanted to skydive alone. In January 2013 I started my research, joined forums like UKSkydiver and asked for opinions of the best dropzone to start AFF. Skydive Langar always came up as the best and Phil Curtis was regarded as one of the best in the business. So I contacted Phil to discuss booking my AFF course and he gave me all the info I needed and forms to complete. Arrived at Langer on my first day and received my ground school training and then started my AFF training jumps, which were well organized and I always felt that my safety was of the upmost importance.

Post AFF, and having received both my A and B licenses Phil is still the backbone of my jumping as he always knows what I have been up (even when he isn't there) and freely provides great advice and tips to improve my flying and progression. When I decided to buy my own skydive rig Phil gave me advice and options but never pressured me to choose one product over another, which I liked.

I have over 100 jumps now, am a member of a 4 way team and love this sport but had it not been for Phil and his great service I may not of progressed, and highly recommend him as your trainer and mentor. I live in Surrey and happily drive to Langar for the support and training provided which speaks volumes about the service. "

Steve Padmore,
February 2014

AFF Student Testimonial" I did my AFF with Phil and was very happy throughout the entire course. All aspects were explained in a way in which I could understand and extra effort was made whenever I was having trouble. I felt I was in safe hands and would have no trouble recommending him for any would-be AFF students. "

Robin Smith
at Skydive Langar, 2013

Stefan AFF Student"After doing a tandem skydive whilst travelling I was pretty sure that I wanted to try skydiving "for real" so started looking into learning how to do it solo. When I found Phil's website I could see straight away that this was the guy I needed to speak to - learning from the best when it's something like this was my priority.

After reading the website and talking to Phil I knew I would be in safe hands and took one of the best decisions I've ever made, signing up for AFF through air supply. Phil's firm but fair style through ground-school and the practical levels really help develop my skill levels, his pace of teaching seemed to match my learning style perfectly and after only a few jumps I was confidently flying solo!

After qualifying Phil has continued to mentor and support me as I've developed in the sport, both in terms of technical skills and choice of equipment. For anyone just thinking about giving it a try I'd recommend picking up the phone and giving Phil a call... it might just be the best decision you ever make! "

Stefan Pacel,
October 2013 (Photo Credit: John Baggaley.)

Dave AFF Student"It's an irony that nothing prepares you for your first AFF jump, despite the fact that you've been doing just that for the last 7 hours. After a lot of forms and a full day of groundschool it was early evening, and I was anxious about jumping the next day. So when Phil told me to gear up because we were going in 30 minutes I think I may have managed a weak "oh... good". However, I knew I was prepared physically and after a ride to 13,500 feet I found myself sitting in the doorway of the plane exactly as we had practiced. Check with Phil and Milko, up...down...AWAY. As to the next bit, you'll just have to jump and see for yourself...

I came to Phil and Air Supply after doing some research and reading through the testimonials here. It certainly doesn't hurt that the price is so good! I could tell you about how thorough and safe and fun the training is, or how professional and funny Phil and the instructors that work with him are. I could tell you about how he has been there for advice and help all the way through consols and into FS1, help in buying gear and planning future jumps. However, the single biggest endorsement I can give is this. If I was sending a loved one or a close friend somewhere to learn, and that means trusting the instructor absolutely, I would actively encourage them to go to Phil and Air Supply and Langar. In fact, I would insist on it."

Dave Gagno,
September 2013. (Photo Credit: Milko.)

Jamie AFF Student"Whilst doing a New Zealand road trip last year, I managed to overcome some pretty real fears and along with my travel buddy, did a tandem skydive over Lake Taupo. From the moment that was over I knew without any doubt that I just had to go further. After a series of delays I finally got to Langar and achieved my AFF qualification with Phil. It was the most intense and hardest course I have ever done but also, and by a huge margin, the best one I've ever done too. The skills taught will remain the most important lessons of my entire life and yet I still can't believe how much fun it was learning them. Phil has a very firm teaching style but somehow at the same time, he managed to be the absolute coolest guy I have ever met.

I went to Langar with two mates to have some fun and perhaps to find a best new hobby. All the guys at Langar made us feel very welcome and comfortable and I will definitely be spending a a good deal of my future time there. Langar is now, without question, my home from home.

Thank you Phil Curtis, you truly are 'The Man'."

Jamie Wilson (The Sky Diving Manny),
qualified AFF September, 2012

TylorAFF Student" In the summer of 2012 I decided I wanted to become a skydiver, so I decided to ask a couple of friends if they wanted to learn to skydive with me. After looking around the market for what seems like a really long time I stumbled upon Phil Curtis's website. To me this looked a little too good in comparison to the other websites I had visited, so I had to phone him to find out what the hidden costs were, and whether he could accommodate for 3 young men with no previous experience, etc...

Much to my surprise, there were no hidden costs and he was extremely helpful over the phone with all my questions. On 5th September we started our course.

Phil reminded me a little of a drill sergeant making us get into the positions over and over. Making us practice the routines over and over, but because of this teaching style, all 3 of us passed our levels 1-8 within 3 days. Thanks to Phil, I now have a brilliant and exciting new hobby and a fantastic range of skills that I learnt over the course with him. And because of his excellent tuition and passion for the sport, I now feel extremely comfortable jumping out of planes!

Thank you Phil and everyone at Skydive Langar"

Another happy AFF graduate, September 2012

Tim AFF Student"Wow, what a guy !! What a thrill of course !! Phil's clear passion is not only skydiving but is in passing-on his skills and wealth of knowledge in a safe, calm, clear and above-all, fun way. As a teacher Phil exemplifies those skills of making things easy to understand, matching the course to the student's rate of progress, analysing faults and fixing the errors... all with a wry smile and without you really noticing !

Phil's enthusiasm is accompanied by a sense of humour which is never dampened by weather, student performance or any external circumstance. Watching Phil from my perspective as a teacher and examiner in a bunch of aviation disciplines for nearly forty years, I found Phil to be exemplary in every way. As an ex-Concorde skipper, I know the benefits of a thorough safety briefing and of being disciplined, even while you have fun.

Phil is a hard task-master, but only for your own safety; I wouldn't have had it any other way. You need to be able to trust your Instructor for AFF... your life depends on him! Phil is completely trustworthy and never cuts a safety-corner. He is highly experienced in skydiving and in teaching. You can trust that you will have a safe and thorough course with Phil... accompanied by accelerated fun ! Trish and I took Phil's advice to begin AFF in Florida and to finish the course at his home drop zone at Langar. We had terrific fun in Phil's company and thoroughly enjoyed every second of the course. To continue to have Phil as a mentor during our consolidation and beyond is the icing on the cake.

Thanks for turning us into fledgling skydivers, Phil. Every time we jump we have the time of our lives and ultimately we owe the rest of our lives to you !"
Trish & Tim. December 2009

Matthew AFF Student"From the very first emails and phone calls, I was confident that Phil was just the kind of instructor I needed: experienced, in love with the sport, and in love with teaching the sport.

Phil is a firm, but fair, instructor who demands a student's full attention in order to get the best results. Don't expect an easy ride - this course requires commitment and concentration. With the right preparation, it is possible to feel safe while jumping for the first time.

AFF is a big undertaking, a significant lump of time, money and effort. It's important to find the right instructor and, for me, Phil at Air Supply was just that. And as I progress through my consolidation jumps, I'm confident that Phil will still be available for help and advice.

Cheers mate!"
Matthew, AFF student, October 2009

Sue AFF Student "I would like to say a massive thank you to Phil at Air-Supply for the experience of a lifetime. I returned to skydiving after a 5 year lay-off. After completing 4 levels of AFF in Spain I returned with my disc, and in his words 'there is nothing we cannot fix!' followed by a wink and a smile. That gave me the confidence to know that I was in safe hands. Although the course was fun right from the word go Phil is very strict when it comes to your safety. Phil is one of the best AFF Instructors you will ever find. He made me feel totally at ease right thorough the course. He has the highest level of professionalism. Having gained my Cat 8 with Phil he gave me loads more encouragement throughout my 10 Consolidation jumps."
Qualified on 30.5.2009 at BPS, Langar UK.

Ania and Bart AFF Students "We decided to do AFF abroad in the winter time. When we were looking for an instructor and sent out inquires, Phil was the one to call us and explain how things work and we liked him straight away. From the first time you speak to him you know he cares and knows what he is talking about. We went to Proenca-a-Nova in Portugal but because of the weather we only managed to finish level 3 and 4 and then continued at Langar which is Phil's home drop zone, and a great place to skydive. Phil is a fantastic instructor, patient and understanding. Perfect combination of being relaxed, but strict when it comes to your safety, which is very reassuring. And he's always up for a drink in the evening! If we were to do the AFF again we'd go with Phil without a doubt. We can't recommend him highly enough - since we've met Phil we got hooked up to the sport and are having time of our lives. Now we hope to progress under Phil's supervision."
Ania and Bart  - qualified AFF students, 2009.

Clifford AFF Student "Just Do It! A life changing, mind bending rush of adrenalin, waiting to break free from the inner you. Let Phil take you to the highest heights and teach you the skills of sky diving and parachuting - you'll need no other. His knowledge and skill will take you on the ride of a lifetime, all ending in your own ability to freefall - words cannot describe it. Don't delay, jump today!"
Clifford, qualified AFF student, 2006

Paul AFF Student "Firstly I have to say a massive thank you to Phil for the experience of a lifetime. I was looking forward to learning to skydive for a long time before I had the balls to look round for someone to teach me, from the first contact with Phil I knew he was the right instructor for me, he is always on hand for any questions and queries and is unsurpassed at making you feel at ease, the experience will be with me for the rest of my days. I look forward to progressing through this sport with Phil on hand for questions and extra training"
Paul Wielebski, qualified AFF student, January 2006.

Mike Wielebski AFF Student "I have never experienced anything like skydiving. When choosing an instructor you want to be safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands, with Phil you couldn’t ask for more. I was initially apprehensive about the whole idea of throwing myself out of a plane at 13,000Ft but as soon as we got to the dropzone for the first day of skydiving I felt completely at ease because of Phil’s attitude, knowledge and experience. The most important aspect of skydiving after safety is fun and Phil emphasises this fact more often than not. The course is hard and 200% effort is needed but Phil gives you the confidence to know you are going to succeed. If you mess up then he’ll have a quiet word, point out where you went wrong and deal with it in a professional manner, he wont jump on your head!!!! If you want to learn to skydive then Phil is the guy, you cannot choose a better instructor and in my eyes he is one of the best in the business. No matter where you want to go either the USA, Europe or the UK Phil has the local knowledge to make sure you have as good a time off the DZ as you do on the DZ. Thanks a million Phil words cannot describe how good it feels to succeed and be part of the skydiving family!"
Mike Wielebski, qualified AFF student January 2006

Anthony AFF Student "Thanks to the dedicated tuition and steadfast belief of Phil Curtis, I have achieved things I would never have thought possible. Not only have did he show me an amazing and awe-inspiring sport, he gave me the confidence to challenge myself every single time I attempt anything and everything.
Anthony Hill, qualified AFF student September 2003, UK

John AFF Student "In 3 years of knowing Phil I have not met a nicer guy. His passion is skydiving and for others to succeed in skydiving. The times you have, the hard times when nothing seems to work, when you have bit of fear, a quick chat with Phil and you're flying like a bird - 'Blue Skies'."
John Thompson, qualified AFF August 2003, UK

Darryl AFF Student "I looked forward to learning to skydive for a long time, and Phil helped me to achieve this. His clear and concise, but down to the point coaching, with his fellow male and female instructors are first class. The value for money and impartial advice regarding equipment etc. are great. Thanks to Phil I have progressed from 'whuffo' to exiting the Jet Ranger heli in just over 1 month. First class, book now and get on the next lift!"
Darryl Leaming, Qualified AFF Student, Langar, UK

Alistair AFF Student "Thoughts of 'why?' whilst driving to the airfield on the first day for AFF training were quickly dispelled as soon as I met Phil Curtis. His passion for the sport and wanting others to become involved and succeed were infectious. The course was well structured, disciplined and most of all amazing fun. After I completed the course Phil continued to encourage me through my consolidation jumps. To anyone who was contemplating skydiving I would recommend Phil and Air-Supply without hesitation."
Alistair Richards (Photo: Alistair demonstrates a good arch position in his office!)

James AFF Student "Learning to skydive was without a single doubt the biggest achievement of my life. During my AFF course, I overcame immeasurable fear and cannot thank the professionalism of Phil enough for helping me through this. I could have bottled out on this at any time, but thanks to Phil, I didn't. I now know why people skydive - amazing friends - amazing skydiving - amazing fun! Nothing compares to this sport (.. well perhaps one thing!)"
James Froggatt, qualified AFF November 2004

Richard AFF Student "Deciding upon an instructor for AFF is one of the most important decisions any of us makes. I wanted the highest level of professionalism, I needed to be totally confident in my instructor and I new I might need some 'firm' encouragement at times but I didn't want pressure. With Phil I got everything I'd hoped for and more. I cannot recommend Phil highly enough."
Richard Froggatt, qualified AFF November 2004

Ben AFF Student "In the midst of fear, Phil was a calming influence that kept me focussed throughout my AFF course. Due to him, I have overcome that fear and to me, skydiving is the most amazing thing I've ever done."
Ben Fryer, qualified AFF July 2003, UK

Nikki AFF Student "When you're on the plane, and you're wondering what the hell you're doing, Phil gives you a little smile and a wink and all of a sudden things are OK. When you're in the air with him, he gives you the utmost confidence, and when you're in the pub with him, he gives you a laugh - what more could you ask."
Nikki Rowlands, qualified AFF September 2004

Jim AFF Student "Nice eyes, cute ass, he'll make someone a good... but seriously, he got me through my AFF to change my life for ever - good one Phil, your top in my book."

Jim 'Buff' Nethell, qualified AFF April, 2004

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